Gaius Publius: Gaius Publius: Nancy Pelosi Is Whipping “Almost Daily” for TPP

June 05, 2015


Yves here. This post is important in and of itself, and also serves as an opportunity for a reminder: Please keep up your calls to your Senators and Congressman against the Fast Track. As we’ve said:

[Reposted from Gaius Publius  |  Yves Smith  |  June 5, 2015]

So your calls are critical to stiffening the spine of the rebels and letting the traitors know that voters will take their vengeance for a sellout in the next election. As reader Kokuanani pointed out:

As I’ve posted elsewhere with regard to contacting your Senators and Rep., NUMBERS COUNT. The staff members reading e-mails and answering the phones are only reporting the volume of incoming communication and which “side” it supports. Your fabulous essay on the evils of the TPP and Fast Track will never reach the voting member. So don’t waste your time writing it.

Pick one or two arguments [e.g., “secrecy”] and make them. Briefly. Like a sentence or two. Spend the rest of your time getting friends and family to contact Senate offices. The e-mail forms [links provided by Yves] make this ridiculously easy. All you need is a zip code showing you’re in the state. You can walk your pals through the process.

I don’t know how effective contacting the DNC would be, but it can’t hurt, and can alert them that they can’t rely on you for fund-raising or votes.

Needless to say, if you are in Pelosi’s district, it’s even more urgent for you to call and let her staff know you know what she is up to and you don’t approve at all.

So please keep the pressure on next week, and get the word to friends, family, and other allies. Here are the Senate contact details and those for your Representative


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