Huffington Post: Bill Maher Calls Out Republicans For Valuing Corporations Over People On 'Real Time'

June 29, 2015


Bill Maher isn’t pleased about the current state of American corporate regulation.

[Reposted from the Huffington Post  |  Lily Karlin  |  June 27, 2015]

On "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday night, the host skewered the "Republican-led House" for voting to end the requirement that meat labels include information about the origin of the product.

"I think I found the perfect slogan for the Republican Party, combining their two great goals: erasing meat labels and repealing the estate tax," he said. "And that slogan is: eat shit and die."

"Next time you hear Republicans say they want to protect you from burdensome regulations, this is what they mean,” he continued later in the segment. "But this isn’t really deregulation … Regulations are supposed to protect people from corporations, not corporations from people."

Elsewhere in the episode, Maher spoke with Judd Apatow about the sexual assault allegations leveled against Bill Cosby.

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