Inside US Trade: Obama To Meet Pro-TPA Dems At White House; Still No TPP Text For Congress

October 21, 2015


President Obama will meet on Wednesday (Oct. 21) evening with House and Senate Democrats who support his trade agenda, which comes as the administration has continued briefings and outreach to Congress regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal reached on Oct. 5 but still not provided an updated text reflecting the outcome.

[Reposted from Inside US Trade  |  October 21, 2015]

“The President will host a group of House and Senate Democrats for a working reception at the White House to talk about shared priorities in trade,” the White House said.

The meeting comes a day after senior aides to the 28 House Democrats who voted in favor of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in June went to the White House for meetings on trade, according to informed sources. One source said he assumed the meeting was about TPP.

The Obama administration has remained in close contact with the 28 House Democrats and 13 Senate Democrats who voted in favor of TPA at both the staff and member level during the final stages of the TPP negotiations and after the deal was reached, according to informed sources.

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