Inside US Trade: Ryan Hints GOP Planning Separate Votes On TPA, TAA; Defers To Rules Committee

June 05, 2015


House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Thursday (June 4) strongly hinted that the Republican leadership plans to hold separate votes on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), as sources have long expected, though he deferred to the House Rules Committee on the specifics of how that would be done.

[Reposted from Inside US Trade  |  June 5, 2015]

Asked during a press briefing whether there would be separate votes on TPA and TAA, Ryan said “our goal is to allow members to be able to vote for the piece they want and not have to vote for the piece they don't want, and we'll let [the] Rules Committee figure out how to structure that.” A majority of Republicans support TPA, and many oppose the TAA program.

Both TPA and TAA are included in the Senate-passed trade bill, H.R. 1314, which House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said the House will take up.

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