Japanese trade observers doubt bilateral U.S. deal possible, hope for TPP

December 06, 2016


[Daily News| December 06, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Members of the Japanese business, academic, and think tank communities are holding out hope that President-elect Trump will eventually get behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and in light of that and other factors, seriously doubt that the U.S. and Japan will successfully pursue a bilateral trade deal in the near future.

“In light of the amicable meeting between Prime Minister Abe and Mr. Trump, we hope the path towards TPP will be paved by efforts of both sides,” Yorihiko Kojima, the honorary chairman of Mitsubshi Corporation said at a Dec. 5 event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the U.S.-Japan economic relationship. Kojima was referring to a meeting between Trump and Abe at Trump Tower in New York City on Nov. 18.

A slew of issues make a bilateral deal between the U.S. and Japan neither viable to negotiate nor strategically beneficial, the panelists at the event said.

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