John R. Hansen

International Economist

John R. Hansen is an international economist. He has thirty years experience at the World Bank holding increasingly senior positions as economist with special emphasis on macro, trade, industrial development, and fiscal policy issues. John was a leader of numerous World Bank country economic policy teams. He is now an independent consultant.

He's an author and speaker. Author of numerous publications and experienced public speaker on economic issues. 

Currently, he's a consultant in International Economics. He focuses on the relationship between exchange rates and currency account imbalances, as well as the global monetary system.

CPA Speaker's Bureau Member: John R. Hansen is available to speak to topics of:

  1. How the MAC Would Help Restore American Manufacturing
  2. A Trade Strategy for the 21st Century – Can We Reach Consensus
  3. Fixing the Bloated Dollar
  4. America, not China, must be in Control of its Own Destiny
  5. U.S. Trade Deficits - Overvalued Dollar or Undervalued Renminbi?
  6. Free Trade Agreements -- Neither the Cause nor the Solution for America’s Trade Deficits
  7. A Competitive Dollar: Good for Workers and their Families – and the Rest of America

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Travels from Hendersonville, NC 

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