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“I love the CPA. I’ve been involved with them almost since the beginning. I got involved with CPA to be a voice for smart trade and tax policy. We needed somebody to speak up for the voice of the smaller manufacturer who really is the majority of the employment in the US.”

Zach Mottl, Atlas Tool and Die

“CPA is an entity that actually works across both Republicans and Democrats. It’s an organization that actually reaches out to find the high middle ground, the common good, to actually fix our trade in a way that isn’t a red or a blue issue. This is actually an issue that we need to come together on. I’ve seen that CPA has done that.”

Bill Jones, Penn United Technologies

CPA stands for a national trade strategy to eliminate the trade deficit, create good paying jobs, and achieve broadly shared prosperity without surrendering our sovereignty, the environment, or food safety. We advocate for trade & tax strategies that promote manufacturing and agricultural growth,
produce jobs, and increase incomes.

Our coalition is stronger than any single industry alone. One voice is helpful but millions of voices are powerful.

We are a powerful coalition of manufacturers, workers, farmers and ranchers. We represent the interests of 4.1 million households. Our board and membership includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives and Progressives. Join CPA members that are working together in order to make real change happen in our nation’s trade and tax policies.