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June 12, 2015


Fast track too much power

[Reposted from the CS Gazette  |  Kady Hommel  |  June 10, 2015]

The Founding Fathers designed our government to ensure that no single branch - the executive, legislative or judicial - had too much power. These checks and balances ensure that no branch becomes so strong it threatens our freedom and personal liberty.
It was put to the test when President Barack Obama attempted to bypass Congress to write his own immigration amnesty policy. But the system worked, and his move was immediately challenged by half the states in the Union and is being blocked by the courts.

Now Obama is asking Congress to grant him a huge amount of additional power called trade promotion authority - or fast track - that will allow him to ram through controversial trade bills that have been negotiated in secret and completely hidden from the American public. Handing over fast track to this president - or any president - is a complete abdication of responsibility by our elected officials, who we are paying good money to perform their duties in the legislative wing of our government.
Instead of granting fast track, Congress needs to return to what is known as the "regular order" of business, whereby documents are made public and debates are televised. If these trade agreements are good for the country, then let them be debated in the public spotlight with input and changes from our elected officials. Congressman Doug Lamborn should vote no on fast track.

Kady Hommel
Colorado Springs

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