Catherine Lin-Hendel

  • Apologies for a typo in the prior comment: “They steal and rob.”

    Basically, for a Prosperous America, we need sensible laws that guarantee the rights and the welfare of the everyday American people, not just laws lobbied by the “corporate” lobbyists. And we need our DOJ/Law-Enforcement to enforce the laws.

    Patent Infringements are only enforced through litigation at the court. Only Corporations can afford the litigation. Therefore all corporations steal from small-entity/small-business and University inventions largely without risk and never penalized. The best ideas and inventions most often come from the very motivated and independent small-entity/small-business inventors. The America Invents Act past in 2012 and came into effect in 2013 actually makes Invention by small-entity/small-business and even University inventors totally unaffordable, because enforcing their patent rights has become impossible under the assaults of AIA erected by Globalists Corporatists Tech Giants in America. AIA also enabled/encouraged the rampant Patent Theft by international multinationals, especially China based multinationals against small-entity inventors from the wide open US patent databases—teaching inventions in English—the universal language the world’s scientists, engineers and business executives all understand very well. DOJ needs to prosecute Patent Theft against small-entity and University inventions.

  • If our people no longer have disposable income because of our country having lost most or all of well-paying jobs, even cheaper goods from China would become very difficult to buy.

    In fact, if Americans have smarts and guts, Americans shall ONLY buy American made goods, and reject China-made goods. China has multiple layers of taxations and barriers on all goods made in the USA. For example, as lowly as knifes/forks/spoons, not only there is an import tariff, there is provincial tax, city tax, and shelving tax on US imports. Chinese tariff on US import cars has been over 45%, and adding to it layers of other added taxes. They also use elaborate and time consuming “customs inspections” to delay time-to-market. During the earlier days of the so called “Trade War” Chinese customs inspectors purposefully delay inspection of American farm products, leaving them to spoil, and then reject them by reasons of the spoilage. Japan did exactly this sort of things before and during the 1980s and 1990s. Also, out of patriotism, most Japanese voluntarily buys only Made-in-Japan even when such goods are more costly than imports. Chinese are not as patriotic as the Japanese, but the Communist Regime does encourage IP Theft and unfair competition, and uses high import tariffs and complex and opaque added taxes and barriers to depress imports.

    It is Wall Street, Corporate America, and major importers (like Walmart and HomeDepot) who are making big bucks from cheap China-made imports at the cost of American jobs, American capabilities, and American future while exploiting Chinese labor and environment.

    If American consumers are balking at a $42 Billion “cost,” they are killing their own future. They may soon have no money to buy anything no matter how much cheaper!