Manufacturing group takes aim at WTO, saying it unfairly targets U.S. trade remedy laws

March 02, 2017

The World Trade Organization “disproportionately” targets U.S. trade enforcement laws and should be reformed, the Alliance for American Manufacturing says in a new report backed by members of Congress and others who have repeatedly expressed concern about the WTO's appellate body.

[Daily News | March 2, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

The report says the U.S. has been the target of “58 percent of the WTO's decisions in trade remedy disputes,” and claims the WTO “has ruled against the U.S. over 90 percent of the time.” AAM says the U.S. has been targeted in trade remedy disputes “five times more than any other member.”

Accordingly, AAM recommends “forming a coalition” with other concerned WTO members “to mount a coordinated campaign to reform the Appellate Body” and establishing an independent review commission to keep WTO authority in check.

“As this report shows, in decision after decision, the WTO has ruled against the U.S. and weakened our laws designed to fight back against subsidies and illegal dumping,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in March 1 press release. "We need a reset of our trade relationship with China, starting with a reset at the WTO.”

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  • William Ryan
    The score with China is $1T to nada, $0, nothing for the US. With a score like that how could there be any fairness in the WTO enforcement body? They did nothing about the artificial weak Yuan that was Not allowed to free float on the currency market for many years. They do nothing about the merchantilism of dumping below cost product to gain unfair market advantage. How has the WTO looked out for the American workers interest when they rule against US 90% of the time??? Perhaps we don’t need the WTO as Trump has said they are rigged and taking away our sovereignty be giving others unfair economic advantage.