Recent articles by Mark Pettitt

  • Tariffs Are Working, to the Consternation of the Economics Profession

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist The New Year dawns on an America where many manufacturing sectors are in a state of aggressive growth. Read more
  • Why We Need Baldwin-Hawley Currency Reform Now

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist In his recent article, How Not to Restore American Industry, commentator David P. Goldman criticizes the Baldwin-Hawley bill, also known as the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act, which was introduced into the Senate earlier this month.  The bill would provide the Federal Reserve Bank with a third mandate, achieving and maintaining a current account balance (trade balance) through exchange rate management. Read more
  • CPA Briefing Paper: Why Economic Forecasts of the Effects of Trade Action Are Consistently Wrong

    Jeff Ferry, Chief Economist Steven Byers Ph.D., Senior Economist June 2019 This Briefing Paper looks at the shortcomings of economic models of trade action, their causes, and modifications to improve the accuracy of these forecasting models. Read more
  • Trade Deals Must be Free, Fair and Reciprocal

    Editor’s note: Perry Hooper, author of this opinion article, is a CPA member. By Perry O. Hooper Jr.,Republican State Executive Committee Former State Representative Read more
  • America: China’s Mercantile Resource Colony

    Editor’s note: This is an excellent article with a short economic history of how strategic trade, in the form of tariff intervention, is a fundamental part of how successful nations grow from poor to rich. From Great Britain to the United States to China. [Spencer P. Morrison| December 11th, 2018 | American Greatness] China’s economy is now the largest on earth. Its industrial output is triple that of the United States. Its population, quadruple. To make matters worse, Chinese computing power is on par with ours and their scientific output is gaining fast. Read more
  • Free-Trade Economists Begin To See the Light on Trade and Globalization

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director For decades, economists have taught David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage as if it is an absolute law.  But the tide is turning, as some highly respected economists are now moving away from the doctrinaire position that all free trade is always good everywhere, and they begin to acknowledge that free trade and large trade deficits have inflicted substantial harm on the US economy. Read more
  • Obama Makes Late Push for TPP Trade Deal

    [WILLIAM MAULDIN| November 1, 2016 |Wall Street Journal] President Barack Obama is forging ahead with a long-shot bid to bring a 12-nation Pacific trade agreement to a vote in Congress immediately after an election that has stirred deep antitrade sentiments in both parties. Read more
  • Sometimes, your trade deficit is thrust upon you

    [Jared Bernstein | October 31, 2016 |Washington Post] Jared Bernstein, a former chief economist to Vice President Biden, is a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and author of the new book 'The Reconnection Agenda: Reuniting Growth and Prosperity.' Read more
  • The Trump Trade Doctrine: A Path to Growth & Budget Balance

    [Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro| October 18, 2016 | Real Clear Policy] Budget-deficit hawks often insist that the only way to balance the Federal budget is to raise taxes or cut spending. The far smarter path to balance the budget is simply to grow our economy faster.  Read more