Media Coverage: Michael Stumo on CNBC Weighs in on Getting Tough with China

July 20, 2017

Michael Stumo, Coalition for a Prosperous America, and Scott Kennedy, CSIS, debate whether the Trump administration is putting the U.S. on track for a trade war with China.


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  • Bruce Bishop
    Check out “Death by China” by Peter Navarro (Yes — that Peter Navarro) and Greg Autry. This excellent book has been made into a documentary, available free on YouTube. Here is a link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9pXRSzFcKg

    We are IN a trade war, and China has been winning for 30 years. We cannot compete with China — where essentially slave labor and a total disregard for the environment, human rights and worker safety, give them an insurmountable advantage.

    China is stealing our technology, our intellectual property, and our jobs, not for the benefit of the Chinese people, but to build up their military and to enrich the honchos of the Chinese Communist Party. Communist China is a criminal enterprise. We should not be doing business with China at all.

    Our best bet is to implement Warren Buffett’s 2003 recommendation that we impose “balanced trade,” with China by mandating a 20% per year reduction in the trade deficit over a five year period. You can Google “Balanced Trade” for the whole story.