CPA Member Spotlight | Sherrill Manufacturing ships special package to USNS COMFORT

April 03, 2020

Editor's Note: Sherrill Manufacturing is a CPA member located in Central NY. 

SHERRILL, N.Y. – It has only been a few weeks since Governor Cuomo issued the order for non-essential businesses to shut down. At Sherrill Manufacturing we determined that part of our business was essential in that we produce and supply the U.S. military with flatware through our GSA contract. So after careful preparations to protect the health and safety of our workers we started up production of GSA product.

[Greg Owens | April 3, 2020 | Liberty Tabletop]

Today we received a very special order. Among several orders destined for the Medical Treatment Facility in Norfolk, Virginia was a box marked “ultimate Consignee “USNS COMFORT”. This just a few days after the ship sailed into New York harbor.

We are 260 miles from New York City but as New Yorkers feel a strong tie to the city and the dire situation they are facing. As we all struggle to navigate these challenging times at home and at work we are proud to be able to do our small part to supply the brave men and women in the city who are caring for those who have fallen ill.

We will get through this. This is the time to pull together as a nation and to do what we can to slow and stop the spread of the virus. When that is complete we will all need to unite to rebuild our economy. One of the lessons we are learning at the worst of all possible times is that the loss of our industrial base from mining to manufacturing has put an extreme strain on our ability to get the supplies we need during this crisis.

Part of rebuilding our economy will involve a strategy to bring millions of manufacturing jobs back to the United States. When that process begins, Sherrill Manufacturing, the only factory still making flatware (silverware) in the United States, will be here ready to do our part to lead in that recovery.The simple fact is that we do not need to wait for Washington to pass legislation in order to make that happen.

We can start the process right now by simply pledging to buy American Made products whenever we can. As most shopping is taking place online now simply search for whatever you need and add the words “made in USA” to the end of the search. Together we can do this. Stay strong and stay safe!

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