Michael Stumo appeared on HuffPost Live, January 4, 2013

Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA, was a guest on “HuffPost Live” on January 4, 2013 at 7:20 pm eastern time. This is a streaming video news service by the Huffington Post.

The show was called “Does Buying American Hurt America?”.

From HuffPost Live: It’s hard to do the right thing when it comes to consumer behavior. Do people who exclusively buy American products actually wind up hurting our economy?

You can watch the interview here:

 <iframe src="http://embed.live.huffingtonpost.com/HPLEmbedPlayer/?segmentId=5085d4df78c90a444c0001a4&autoPlay=false" width="570" height="351" frameBorder="0" scrollable="no"></iframe>

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