Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA on BBC World Service: Trump's Plan to Revive the Rust Belt

November 10, 2016


Blurb from BBC World Service:

Today we anticipate the deeper economic truths of a Trump presidency. What's the plan? The President-Elect promises the revival of US heavy industry, stamping out unfair foreign trade deals, generating new jobs for working-class Americans. Opponents and foreign governments fear this could imply trade war. So what kind of economy will Donald Trump aim to create? We hear from supporters from the American Midwest where there have been three decades of steep industrial decline. Michael Stumo is the Chief Executive Officer of a group called the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a non-profit representing workers in agriculture and manufacturing in that region, and he explains why it's time to redraw trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement. Also we hear from our regular commentator, the veteran Washington journalist, Jim Srodes, and from Trump economic advisor, Anthony Scaramucci, on what sort of a President Donald Trump will make in economic terms. Mr Scaramucci argues the Donald has been misrepresented by the press: talk of trade war and conflict is exaggerated. There are many reasons to be cheerful about a Trump administration, he believes (and no, he's not angling for a full-time job within the new economic team).

Listen here!

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