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  • China Fundraising On US Stock Markets This Year Hits $9 Billion, Tripling 2019 Level

    By CPA Staff Despite rumors of getting tougher on China listings on the US stock exchanges, more are on the way. One of China's largest financial service platforms, Lufax, is expected to list later this month. Read more
  • The West Must Decouple From Communist China | Opinion

    Editors note: Message from China’s ambassador to the UK, “ [I]f you want to make China a hostile country, you will have to bear the consequences." At last, the Western world is waking up to an obvious truth: The Chinese Communist Party is a deeply unpleasant regime that is hell-bent on world domination, and is most certainly no friend of the West. This realization should have struck everybody 20 years ago, but the upper echelons of our society were perhaps too trusting—or too greedy. Debate was almost nonexistent. Happily, that is no longer the case. Read more
  • Made in America 2030: A Smart Infrastructure and Industrial Strategy Can Make Post-COVID America Stronger

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist Abstract As we emerge from the current lockdown and economic freeze, the US economy will need a substantial boost. Read more
  • Op-ed | Manufacturing can be brought back from China

    Excerpt: There’s little time to waste. America must bring back key industries from China. And we must enact an ambitious trade and infrastructure program to create millions of good-paying jobs, jumpstart the economy and make America stronger than we were before COVID-19. This makes sense, given the tremendous disruption caused by the coronavirus. Medical supplies are on hold, since China is keeping face masks and other equipment for its own use. Medications are delayed, because America’s drug compounds are sourced from China. And we have a shortage of hospital ventilators. The list goes on. Read more
  • America’s Dependence on China Is Untenable

    Section 301 Tariffs On China, Part 4   Editor’s note: Part Four of a series on the Section 301 tariffs on Chinese products by CPA Buy American Committee co-chair James Stuber. Read part three here Read more
  • Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Trade and Tariffs

    Editors note: the Democrats need to be more aggressive on trade to be effective leaders.   Read more
  • Why We Need Baldwin-Hawley Currency Reform Now

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist In his recent article, How Not to Restore American Industry, commentator David P. Goldman criticizes the Baldwin-Hawley bill, also known as the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act, which was introduced into the Senate earlier this month.  The bill would provide the Federal Reserve Bank with a third mandate, achieving and maintaining a current account balance (trade balance) through exchange rate management. Read more
  • Bipartisan Agreement to Weaken USD Threatens the Currency Market

    Editors note: Our work to achieve dollar realignment, rather than an overvalued dollar, is gaining steam. Wall Street is fearful even though they should be supportive. US policy towards the dollar maybe set to turn as Trump looks for ways to weaken the world’s most important currency. Read more
  • Currency wars: Trump and Warren push hard for weaker dollar

    Editor’s note: The issue of managing the US dollar exchange rate continues to get media attention. Populists say that devaluing the US dollar will bring back American jobs and boost domestic manufacturing. Read more
  • US Trade Deficit Leaps to $55.5B in May, But China Deficit Down in 2019

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist The US trade deficit jumped 8.4 percent in May, to $55.5 billion, as compared to April’s $51.2 billion, according to data published today by the Department of Commerce. On a year-on-year basis, the jump was even larger, up 25.2 percent over the May 2018 figure of $44.4 billion. Read more
  • Michael Stumo on leadership: Build relationships, don’t force personal rigidity

    Editor’s note: The Syracuse (NY) Post Standard featured an interview of Michael Stumo on leadership. Michael Stumo grew up on a family farm in Iowa. His first job after college was running a hog-buying station, where he lived in a trailer in a pasture. Inspired by a friend, he started studying for the LSAT (law school admission test). The University of Iowa gave him a full-ride scholarship to law school. In 1994, he earned his law degree and worked at law firms, first in Hartford, Conn., and next in Omaha, Neb. For two years between those stops, he used a grant from Ralph Nader to work on family farm and antitrust issues. Read more
  • Press Release: US Goods Trade Deficit Hits Major New Record in 2018

    Overvalued dollar drives record US deficits with China, rest of world Washington. Annual data released this morning by the Commerce Department shows that America’s overall trade balance continued to worsen in 2018. Not only did the United States record its highest-ever global trade deficit in goods—at $891.3 billion—but the annual goods deficit with China soared to a stunning new record of $419.2 billion.  Read more
  • US-Mexico-Canada Deal is a Conceptual Breakthrough But Details Will Be Critical

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director The three magic numbers for understanding the new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) negotiated by the Trump administration are 16, 16, and 6. Read more
  • Am I a protectionist?

    Editorial note:  This article is significant because it demonstrates how the business press is coming around to the fact that free trade and globalization have produced big problems. CPA has been communicating with this reporter for several years on the topic. I’ve been feeling a little worried about job security lately. I am the global business columnist for the world’s most global business publication. I have immigrant parents, two passports, and have lived and worked in many countries. I’m all about crossing borders. And yet, I find myself questioning the logic of unfettered free trade and globalised business more and more frequently, particularly when it comes to China. [Rana Foroorhar | July 16, 2018 | Financial Times] Read more
  • A Trade War the U.S. Is Actually Winning, for Now

    The escalating trade war between the United States and China, with the Trump administration considering $100 billion in punitive tariffs in response to China’s $50 billion in retaliatory tariffs, obscures a more important source of conflict: China’s desire to someday establish the yuan as a global reserve currency, on a par with the dollar. [Lan Cao | April 26, 2018 | NY Times] Read more
  • Opinion: Maybe it’s time to quit negotiating with China

    The battle lines are drawn in the trade war with China, and President Donald Trump can expect little support from the high tech and financial sectors or the economics profession. They argue the U.S. is doing quite well. [Peter Morici | May 7, 2018 | MarketWatch] Read more
  • Free-Trade Economists Begin To See the Light on Trade and Globalization

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director For decades, economists have taught David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage as if it is an absolute law.  But the tide is turning, as some highly respected economists are now moving away from the doctrinaire position that all free trade is always good everywhere, and they begin to acknowledge that free trade and large trade deficits have inflicted substantial harm on the US economy. Read more
  • The Beltway Squabbles Over America’s Overvalued Dollar

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director It may have been obscured by the looming State of the Union address, but there was quite a kerfuffle in Washington recently. Read more
  • Five Reasons Why the Big 2017 Trade Deficit Affects You

    by Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA The big news this week is that the annual US trade deficit increased in 2017 by 12% over 2016. Here are five reasons you should care. Read more
  • In Praise of William J. Baumol, Economist Who Identified Market Imperfections

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director On May 4th, Professor William J. Baumol died at the age of 95. He was a prodigious writer and innovator in economic theory, author of some 500 papers over the more than half a century he taught at Princeton University and NYU.  Read more