Recent articles by John R Hansen

  • Fix the Trade Deficit or Risk another Financial Crisis

    The Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade goods and services in March was about $43.7 billion, indicating the United States is on track to another trade gap in excess of $500 billion for 2017. Read more
  • Border-Adjustable Taxes, The Dollar and Alternatives

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director, and Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA The Republican business tax reform plan, also known as the House GOP Blueprint or the Ryan-Brady plan, features a type of border-adjustable tax (BAT).  Read more
  • Fixing the Bloated Dollar

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director The fear is growing that a rising dollar could sabotage any effort by the Trump Administration to improve the U.S. trade balance as a means of improving the health of our manufacturing industry. Read more
  • U.S. trade policy has become horror show

    If the host of vampires attempting to suck the lifeblood out of American manufacturing and industry is any indication, U.S. trading policy has become a real live horror show. Read more