National call in day to protect Country of Origin Labeling

May 05, 2015


Please join CPA and protect Country Of Origin Labeling. 

The United States Congress passed a law 10 years ago that requires meat, seafood and produce to be clearly labeled as to their country of origin.  They called it Country of Origin Labeling, or COOL.

But other governments and global meatpackers are challenging our COOL law.  So far they have failed.

We need to give voice to our support for our U.S. consumers right to know what country the food they are buying for their families came from, and for our U.S. food producers to identify and differentiate their own food products in our own domestic market.

Wednesday, May 6th, the National Farmers Union, in partnership with CPA and a coalition of other groups, has organized a White House call in day. We’d like to flood the White House with as many calls as possible.
1.  Call the White House at 888-793-4597
2.  When you are connected, tell the person who answers:
3.  “Hi, my name is _______ and I’m from ______. I urge President Obama to stand up for my right to know where my food comes from by protecting country of origin labels.”
That’s it! The whole process should take no more than 60 seconds. The White House tracks every call they get on an issue, so volume of calls matters.

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