Nearly Half GOP Freshmen Class Refuse to Commit to Fast Track

March 11, 2015


Of the 46 incoming GOP freshmen House members, twenty refused to sign a letter supporting more executive authority sought by Obama for Fast Track trade authority.

[Reposted from the End Global Governance blog  |  March 11, 2015]

Freshmen Reps. Tom Emmer (R-MN-06) and Mimi Walters (R-CA-45) tried, but failed, to get most of the incoming House members to sign the letter.  However, 26 freshmen did sign the letter to increase the power of the executive branch.  Their names are listed below.

Fast Track trade authority violates conservative principles because the Founding Fathers gave congress, not the executive branch, authority over international trade.  Fast Track would be a dangerous and enormous grant of power to Obama because Congress would agree to suspend the Regular Order while being shut out of negotiations, a constant theme of this secretive administration.  Obama can negotiate by diplomacy on topics like the environment, labor rights, financial services and food safety so foreign interests have more power to change or oppose future congressional laws.

Conservatives favor true free and fair trade that benefits America.  Conservatives also favor constitutional checks and balances that strongly guard against abuse of power by the executive, or any other, branch of government.  Lastly, conservatives oppose subjecting our state and local governments to foreign company legal claims in international tribunals under Obama’s planned ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) plan which is part of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

End Global Governance and our supporter organizations know that we must continue fighting for our sovereignty and our economic strength. The GOP cannot capitulate to Obama and foreign governments to giveaway our constitution and our standard of living through outrageous trade treaties that take away our liberty.

Below are the 26 signers of the Emmer/Walters Obama capitulation letter, who should hear from their constituents.

Tom Emmer
Mimi Walters
Martha McSally
French Hill
Jody Hice
Bob Dold
Ralph Lee Abraham
Garret Graves
John Moolenaar
Cresent Hardy
Frank Guinta
Elise Stefanik
Ryan Costello
Will Hurd
Dan Newhouse
Mia Love
Rod Blum
Glenn Grothman
Barbara Comstock
Mike Bishop
Carlos Curbelo
Buddy Carter
David Young
Lee Zeldin
Steve Knight
David Trott

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