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Press Release: CPA Praises Implementation of Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Imports

September 18, 2018

Necessary response to China’s continuing unfair trade practices Washington. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) today strongly praised a White House announcement of additional tariffs on approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. The tariffs, which take effect on September 24, are part of the Trump administration's continuing response to China’s theft of...

CPA Op-Ed: Study Says Trump Tariffs Create 20 New U.S. Jobs for Every One Lost

September 10, 2018

Late-night news comic John Oliver recently gave a 20-minute talk about President Donald Trump’s use of tariffs. As always, he was very funny, but he made a few mistakes in his analysis of trade. Op-ed by Jeff Ferry originally appeared in LifeZette on September 7, 2018

CPA Statement: CPA Urges President to Veto Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

September 05, 2018

Washington. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) is urging President Trump to consider vetoing the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, which would would unilaterally eliminate tariffs on a variety of imported foods and goods that have been offshored and are no longer produced in the US. 

CPA Statement on Trump's Notice to Congress of USA-Mexico Agreement

August 31, 2018

Framework of revised deal appears promising  As the Trump administration notifies Congress of its intent to sign a trade deal with Mexico in 90 days, the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) has expressed support for the new agreement’s framework. CPA members believe US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and President Trump...

CPA Statement on US-Mexico Trade Agreement

August 27, 2018

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) expressed support for President Trump and his trade team taking aggressive and unconventional steps to craft a new trade arrangement with Mexico.  We continue to study the newly announced agreement. 

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News from Around the Web

  • Republicans Opposing Trump on Trade Face Election Quandary

    September 20, 2018

    Many party leaders in Washington like tax cuts but dislike tariffs. Few Americans share that combination of views. [Jim Tankersley | Sept. 18, 2018 | NY Times] Excerpt: "Seventy-four percent of Republican voters say Mr. Trump’s trade policies ma...

  • Imperialism Will Be Dangerous for China

    September 18, 2018

    Editor’s note: This is a very accurate analysis. China’s real problem isn’t the so-called Thucydides trap, which holds that a rising power like China must clash with an established power like the U.S., the way ancient Athens clashed with Sparta. I...

  • Statement from the President

    September 18, 2018

    Editor’s note: This is President Trump’s statement on implementing tariffs on the next tranche of $200b of Chinese imports. It also adds the intent to go further, targeting yet another $267b of imports, if China does not change its behavior.  T...

  • USTR Finalizes Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Imports in Response to China’s Unfair Trade Practices

    September 18, 2018

    Editor’s note: This is the official release by the US Trade Representative finalizing the next tranche of tariffs on $200b of Chinese goods at 10% immediately then 25% on January 1, 2019.

  • With wider crackdowns on religion, Xi’s China seeks to put state stamp on faith

    September 17, 2018

    “This is part of a comprehensive war against religion,” Jin said. “The Communist Party has begun to see religion as a competitor... They want all of us to pledge our loyalty to the party” [Anna Fifield | September 16, 2018 | Washington Post ]

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