Recent articles by Edwin Lee

  • Donald Trump will make trade fair again

    The US has the lowest trade barriers and the largest trade deficit in the world — $500bn annually. [Wilbur Ross] April 4th, 2017 [Financial Times] Read more
  • Support House Resolution 37: Eliminate The U.S. Trade Deficit!

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director Two forward-thinking congressmen have introduced a congressional resolution urging the federal government to eliminate the U.S. trade deficit. This would be a major step forward in U.S. economic policy and a crucial step towards rebuilding the U.S. economy and restoring the American Dream of rising incomes and greater prosperity for the majority of our population. (Click here to tell your congressman to support the resolution) Read more
  • China’s Plan to Build Its Own High-Tech Industries Worries Western Businesses

    BEIJING — China has charted out a $300 billion plan to become nearly self-sufficient by 2025 in a range of important industries, from planes to computer chips to electric cars, as it looks to kick-start its next stage of economic development. [KEITH BRADSHER and PAUL MOZUR| March 7, 2017 |The New York Times] Read more
  • Fixing the Bloated Dollar

    By Jeff Ferry, CPA Research Director The fear is growing that a rising dollar could sabotage any effort by the Trump Administration to improve the U.S. trade balance as a means of improving the health of our manufacturing industry. Read more
  • Currency Manipulation Is a Real Problem

    Passionate defenders of the “global rules-based trading system” should be wary of thinking their views are more informed than President Trump’s. He has been branded a protectionist and thus many conclude he is incapable of exercising world leadership. Meanwhile, those who embrace the virtues of global free trade disregard the fact that the “rules” are not working for many American workers and companies. [Judy Shelton| February 13, 2017 |Wall Street Journal] Read more