Perdue: USDA considering WTO-compliant COOL rule

March 05, 2020

Editor’s note:  USDA is finally, hopefully, considering something helpful to cattle producers. Ag Sec Perdue has been too friendly to foreign meat packer and importer interests, including allowing Brazilian beef into the US recently, despite the foot and mouth disease risk. Brazil is the China of beef, and this move will drive down cattle prices here. 

The Agriculture Department is considering new rules for labeling meat that would not run afoul of the World Trade Organization, which struck down a previous country-of-origin labeling law, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said on Wednesday.

[March 4, 2020 | Inside Trade]

During a House Agriculture Committee hearing on the state of the rural economy, Perdue was asked by Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS) about what he called “misleading” labels on imported meat that identify some as American products despite only minor processing or repackaging in the U.S.

“I would agree with that,” Perdue responded, adding that because of the WTO’s move to strike down the previous U.S. COOL regime, “we have to be very careful.”

According to Perdue, a “middle-ground” version is “under consideration right now.”...

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  • Mike Schultz
    And where is our WTO dumping case on unmarked imported Brazilian foreign beef that without question has contributed to the losses incurred by USA cattle producers and cattle feeders? Why a case you might ask, Yesterday fats were reported at 107.00 when just over two weeks ago fats brought 1.16??? Feeders cattle are being beaten up as well as fats in the cash trade which has alsdo been destroyed.