Peter Navarro on China: We either get a great deal or we don't

June 24, 2019

Editors note: Peter Navarro does a great job defending an aggressive trade stance on China. He and Charles Payne, the news host, reference the letter CPA helped arrange in favor of the tariffs.

Peter Navarro, assistant to President Trump, on the Trump administration's trade negotiations with China.

[June 21, 2019 | Fox Business]

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  • Bruce Bishop
    Peter Navarro is a national hero. In his 2011 book, “Death by China,” (with Greg Autry,) he explained how China has become a steadily growing threat to our economy, our security, and ultimately, our way of life. While the “experts” were prattling on about currency manipulation, and why we were helpless to stop it, Navarro exposed the many ways in which China has been cheating us while stealing our technology and our intellectual property.

    The millions of us whose careers were destroyed by offshoring to China had no voice until, in 2011, the eloquent Dr. Navarro (PhD/Economics/Harvard) gained national attention. And, fortunately, he gained the attention of one Donald J. Trump, the first politician in my lifetime to truly care about American workers — and have the smarts and the moxie to fight for us.