Please Stop Selling Trade Deals on National Security Grounds

June 13, 2016

by Michael Stumo

Recent reports that Russia is moving towards a war footing got me thinking about the snake oil salesmen selling trade deals. The globalists said this would not happen after Russia joined the trade utopia called the WTO. They were wrong again. We should not believe them now with the TPP and other deals.

The article that spurred my thinking along these lines is How and Why Russia is Moving to a War Footing:

[T]he Russian leadership committed $640 billion to a decade-long transformation process that would result in recruiting half a million contract soldiers and ensuring that at least 70 percent of military equipment is modern, including the procurement of thousands of pieces of high performance and heavy equipment, such as tanks, artillery, military aircraft and naval vessels.

Russian armed forces and internal security services have taken part in thousands of tactical, operational and strategic exercises. Over the last five years, these exercises have become significantly larger and more sophisticated, designed to test the system in place, particularly coordination between ministries and federal, regional and local authorities.

US globalists promoting our allowing Russia into the World Trade Organization in 2011 said that doing so will help our national security:

More generally, with Russia's accession to the WTO and the United States granting PNTR to Russia, US-Russia commercial relations will be set on a sounder and friendlier footing, facilitating cooperation on national security and political issues.

That didn't work out so well. 

So the globalists may say, "unfair, Russian aggression has nothing to do with the WTO".  I may respond, "exactly, so why did you promote the WTO as an antidote?"

What about China? We allowed China to enter the WTO in 2000 by granting permanent normal trade relations status. We gave up our ability to annually renew "normal trade relation" status, the status quo ante, based upon whether China played nice with others.  Since then our trade deficit skyrocketed and what did we get on the national security front? A major geopolitical rival and military adventurism in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. 

So when Paul Ryan and Barrack Obama promote the TPP from a national security perspective, please do not believe them.

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