President Trump Announces Manufacturing Jobs Initiative

January 30, 2017

(Washington, DC) — President Trump announced today that as part of his overall job creation agenda he will launch a Manufacturing Jobs Initiative.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

The President will be meeting with some of the world’s most successful and creative business leaders to share their experiences and gain their insights. President Trump plans to continually seek information and perspectives from a diverse range of business leaders, including those listed below and others, on how best to promote job growth and get Americans back to work again.

The first series of meetings were organized by Andrew Liveris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Dow Chemical Company. The President has expressed his appreciation to Mr. Liveris for his ongoing efforts in this regard.

Initial business leaders assisting with the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative include:

Andrew Liveris, The Dow Chemical Company

Bill Brown, Harris Corporation

Michael Dell, Dell Technologies

John Ferriola, Nucor Corporation

Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool Corporation

Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company

Ken Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.

Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson

Greg Hayes, United Technologies Corp.

Marilynn Hewson, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Jeff Immelt, General Electric

Jim Kamsickas, Dana Inc.

Klaus Kleinfeld, Arconic

Brian Krzanich, Intel Corporation

Rich Kyle, The Timken Company

Thea Lee, AFL-CIO

Mario Longhi, U.S. Steel

Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Company

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing

Elon Musk, Tesla

Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar

Scott Paul, Alliance for American Manufacturing

Kevin Plank, Under Armour

Mike Polk, Newell Brands

Mark Sutton, International Paper

Inge Thulin, 3M

Richard Tumka, AFL-CIO

Wendell Weeks, Corning         

The attendees may or may not change from session to session, but the specific agenda subjects will likely change because of the importance of this issue to the American economy and its workers. No consensus advice or recommendations resulting from group deliberations or interaction is expected or will be solicited.

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  • Bruce Bishop
    Meanwhile, the Democrats and the liberal Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to undermine Trump’s efforts. If Trump is successful, it spells the end for the Democrat party and for the Mainstream Media. Trump represents an existential threat to them. They know it, and they will stop at nothing to stop Trump. We, who support Trump, must do whatever we can to counter these leftist attacks.
  • William Ryan
    So glad to see this happening. We know that we can make anything here faster, cheaper and better if we want. This will really help to bring livable wage jobs back to America and to correct the wrongly structures predatory globalist who were only rewarding themselves. Companies must offer a dynamic work partnership today that rewards all stakeholders if they want good results and success.