Press Release: CPA Appoints DiMicco and O'Shaughnessy as Chairman and Vice Chairman

April 11, 2017

Washington~ The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) announced today that effective April 11th, 2017, Mr. Daniel DiMicco will serve as Chairman. DiMicco, former CEO of Nucor Corp, America’s largest steel company, was a member of President Obama’s Manufacturing Council and most recently headed then President-elect Trump’s trade transition team. 

“I am proud to have been appointed Chairman of the Coalition for a Prosperous America, an organization I helped found,” said DiMicco. “Our work has helped elevate responsible and effective trade reform to the top of the national agenda. We stand ready to work with the President, the Democrats and the Republicans to fix trade and create good paying jobs in America.”

Dan rose from Plant Metallurgist to CEO from 1982 to 2000. During difficult times for manufacturing, he grew the company and created thousands of jobs in more than 20 states. The Harvard Business Review included Dan in its 2010 top 100 list of The Best Performing CEOs in the World.

Brad Markell, CPA’s Labor Co-Chair and Director of the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council, said, “Dan has solid relationships with elected officials and policy makers in both parties. He brings to his new role as CPA Chairman a deep understanding of how existing trade policies hurt our economy, and how to reform those policies to benefit American producers and American workers.”

CPA also announced that Brian O’Shaughnessy has been appointed as Vice-Chairman as well as Manufacturing Co-Chair. O’Shaughnessy serves as chairman of Revere Copper Products Inc. which was founded by Paul Revere in 1801 and is the oldest basic manufacturing company in the USA.  Among O’Shaughnessy’s many accomplishments, the Copper Club named him as its international Copper Man of the Year in 2006.

O’Shaughnessy said, “Eleven years ago, Dan invited me to speak at a Nucor town hall meeting on trade issues. For years, many of us have viewed Dan as the informal leader of a national movement to promote a policy of fair trade that benefits all Americans. Now Dan is formally stepping up to lead this organization and the movement he helped create!  I am pleased to continue serving as a CPA leader and look forward to working even more closely with him.”

Joe Logan, CPA Agriculture Co-Chair and President of Ohio Farmers Union, said, “Dan and Brian are committed to fixing trade for agriculture as well as for workers and manufacturing. CPA’s research and advocacy have been crucial to advancing the idea of broadly shared prosperity for the whole country, rather than any single industrial or service sector.”

CPA is a nonpartisan coalition of domestic manufacturing, organized labor, ranching and farming devoted to establishing a U.S. policy of fair trade that benefits all Americans.

Contact: Paola Masman, Media Director 
202-688-5145 ext 2, paola@prosperousamerica.org

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  • William Ryan
    I’m really glad to see Mr. DiMicco appointed to this new position. He is a true leader and one of the best qualified advocates we have for NAFFTA fair and balanced trade policies and for broader shared prosperity is also very important. Best of luck Dan.