CPA Unhappy that Dem Leadership Blocked a WTO Withdrawal Vote Today

June 25, 2020

WashingtonThe following statement can be attributed to Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America. 

"CPA is very disappointed with Speaker Pelosi’s actions to prevent a vote on WTO withdrawal today. The WTO agreement voted upon by Congress in 1994 provided for a guaranteed vote every five years in the House and the Senate.  Representatives DeFazio and Pallone proposed the resolution to withdraw according to the WTO agreement and Congress’ 1994 intent." 

"However, House Democratic leadership moved aggressively to prevent that debate. This appears, at first blush, a move that benefits the Davos elite rather than working Americans."

"CPA calls on Speaker Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership team to reverse their position and allow a vote on whether it is in the national and economic interests of the United States to remain in the World Trade Organization." 

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