Press Release | Manufacturers' Petition Shows Support for December 15 Tariff Increase

December 10, 2019

Over 260 Industrial Companies Thank Trump for China Tariffs

WashingtonHundreds of US manufacturers have jointly signed a petition to President Trump reiterating their support for Section 301 tariffs on subsidized imports from China. In a letter to the president, sent ahead of a planned December 15 tariff increase, more than 260 domestic manufacturers expressed their “sincerest appreciation” for the tariffs in response to China’s repeated “violation of intellectual property."

The letter—which was circulated by the non-partisan Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA)—includes domestic companies that collectively employ many thousands of workers  throughout the United States. The diverse set of manufacturers represented in the letter ranges from machine shops and mold builders to chemical producers and electronics manufacturers. Together, they comprise a key part of the nation’s industrial supply chain.

CPA Chair Dan DiMicco said, “Media commentators frequently criticize the president’s tariffs. But in the real world, the American people support President Trump’s efforts to confront China. This letter includes a wide range of industries that have repeatedly been targeted by China. These companies and their workers recognize that the president has gone to bat for them, and they appreciate it.”

The letter includes more than 260 industrial company signatories from across the country who are concerned about the offshoring of America’s supply chain. They’re registering their support for the president’s actions ahead of a December 15 final list of Chinese imports that will be subject to tariffs. The companies support the 301 tariffs and explain that “America’s industrial base has been hobbled for over 20 years because our nation’s leaders have failed to confront China’s predatory trade practices.” They jointly favor trade intervention to address not just IP theft and forced technology transfer but also human rights abuses, trade cheating, and Beijing’s expanding military ambitions. The letter also notes that a 25 percent across-the-board tariff on Chinese imports could boost US GDP by $125 billion over five years, with 721,000 new jobs created, according to CPA research

Michael Stumo, CEO of the CPA, said, “As this letter demonstrates, the American people are seeing firsthand the impact of restoring America’s manufacturing competitiveness. Domestic producers appreciate the president’s efforts, and they welcome the return of skilled, middle-class jobs to their communities. They want the president to stay the course and keep confronting China’s predatory trade.”

Click here to read the full letter.

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