R-CALF: USDA Report on Meat Labeling is Unreliable and Biased

May 14, 2015


In a capitulation to foreign governments, the USDA is signaling its readiness to eliminate country of origin food labeling law in the face of a WTO challenge by Canada and Mexico. 

Foreign countries want their imported meat, seafood and produce to be disguised and not labeled as from those other countries.  

To justify its decision, the USDA commissioned a study by university professors known to be in the pockets of the multinational meat industry.  The biggest meat packers in the US are owned by Chinese and Brazilian interests.  Unsurprisingly, those professors produced a biased report overstating the costs of labeling food and dismissing the benefits.

R-CALF USA has produced the attached report challenging the USDA study.  It is an important read.

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