Re-thinking trade: First, withdraw from TPP

January 24, 2017

Washington Fair Trade Coalition

606 Maynard Ave S, Suite 102  –  Seattle, WA 98104  –  (206) 227-3079

Seattle, WA – Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) marks two important accomplishments. We stop digging ourselves into a deeper hole on trade policy, and we begin to rethink our approach to globalization. 

For decades, we have mismanaged globalization, amplifying the wealth and influence of the 1% across the globe, while leaving workers, communities and the planet behind.

TPP’s fatal flaw was its closed process dominated by corporate advisors. The interests of civil society were never taken seriously in the TPP negotiations process, nor in other negotiations over the last 20 years of free-trade deals. 

The 75 member organizations of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition insist on a new approach to globalization through open political engagement where we balance legitimate public interests with investor interests. We call for a new approach to globalization:

●      The goal of trade is to improve living standards everywhere - not maximum possible trade; not lower prices.

●      All stakeholders must be involved in any new negotiations process, and public interest must be taken seriously.

●      Policies must prioritize labor rights, human rights, public health, food security, and the environment - directly addressing the two defining problems of our time: climate change and inequality

●      National and local strategies are legitimate and necessary. Trade policy should encourage local innovation and decision-making.

 This moment is an historic opportunity to rewrite the global rulebook, ensuring that trade policy works for all of us.


The Washington Fair Trade Coalition is 75 organizations from labor, environment, faith, social justice, and public health groups, small farms, and socially responsible businesses that are committed to working for a just global trading system. For quotes or interviews, contact Stan Sorscher, 206.255.4393stans@speea.or

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  • William Ryan
    Thank you greatly Mr. Sorscher for Washington Fair Trade Coalition and the plans that President Trump should seriously enact to restructure word trade to make it more equitable for all democratic countries benefits. I will be following your organization and wish the best for all in the globalized free word to benefit from as I’m sure that President Trump will strongly agree with the plan for greater fairness in globalization.