Reed Fights for American Workers, Jobs; Opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

November 18, 2015


Tom Reed announced his opposition to the Obama administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement.  “I care about protecting American jobs and workers,” said Reed. “This agreement leaves too many questions about the way forward and has been rushed in order to advance President Obama’s legacy, rather than being thoroughly hashed out to ensure America has a fair trade platform upon which to make it here to sell it there. Creating such a far reaching trade agreement without properly addressing all the details just isn’t right.”

 November 16, 2015 | online office of Congressman Tom Reed, NY-23

“Time and time again, this agreement makes references to the need to reach future agreements rather than resolve outstanding details when it comes to market access for Americans, including dairy opportunities abroad, critical intellectual property protections, and resolving the issue of currency manipulation in a fair manner." said Reed.  “The bottom line is we need to resolve all issues now, not some time in the future, because holding firm for a strong and enforceable agreement ensures better opportunity for our workers right here at home.”

Reed’s announcement comes as the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade (TPP) was recently made public by the Obama Administration, according to the requirements set out by the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which was passed earlier this year.  According to TPA, TPP must be public for 90 days, allowing both Congress and the American people to review the proposal.  Following the 90 day waiting period, Congress is also required to vote on this proposal.

“Passing TPA earlier this year was vital to ensuring the public and members of Congress had the chance to see this agreement, to read it, and weigh in with their thoughts prior to its passage,” said Reed. “It’s obvious to me that those who took a position on the agreement before the text was public were playing politics. We have done the work to make sure our positions are based on actual information as that is the right way people should make decisions in critical issues facing the American worker."

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