Rep. Duffy introduces the 'Reciprocal Trade Act'

January 25, 2019
Editors note: this bill would be a significant challenge to the WTO most favored nation status system. While the bill does not have sufficient support to move, it may provide an education tool to move towards a new Way of managing international trade.

[January 24, 2019 | Inside US Trade]

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) on Thursday introduced his controversial bill to expand the president's authority to raise tariffs.

The Reciprocal Trade Act, which Duffy said has 18 co-sponsors, would allow the president to impose tariffs on a product-by-product basis. The legislation has White House backing.

According to the bill, the president would be able to take certain actions if the rate of duties imposed by a foreign country “is significantly higher” than the U.S. rate on a particular product, or if non-tariff barriers “impose significantly higher burdens … than the burdens of the nontariff barriers applied by the U.S.”

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  • Bruce Bishop
    The Chinese are simply “waiting out” Trump. They know that in two or six years, Trump will be gone, and we will probably have another globalist in charge. Our government’s planning horizon extends to the next election. China’s planning horizon is decades, if not centuries.

    No politically feasible tariffs will bring back our 8 million lost manufacturing jobs. China will toss Trump a few bones, to appease the American people. This false sense of “things getting better,” will disappear when Trump leaves office.