Republicans win Big.....now what?

November 07, 2014


If the R's don't do the right things to focus on job creation and the economy, shame on them.

[by Dan DiMicco | November 6, 2014 | dandimicco.com]

We need to do 5 things: 1-Stop Trade Mercantilism and return to President Reagans mantra of Rules Based and Enforced "Free and Balanced" Trade; 2- Build on our energy strengths to become energy independent and focus on our energy wealth as a "Competitive Advantage" in rebuilding our Manufacturing sector.; 3- Rebuild our Grandfathers infrastructure over the next 15 years. It's an investment R's, not a waste and it will bring huge returns in jobs,  economic growth and global competitiveness; 4- Streamline and eliminate extreme and outdated regulations - a big undertaking but a must; 5- Due major tax reform that brings us Global Competitiveness, not create incentives to move jobs offshore.

We are in a world of tremendous Global competition and its 'high time' we woke up to that fact and gave our companies and entrepenuers the tools to be competitive and create high paying jobs and lots of them here at home! Stop the cheating, control our energy future, rebuild America, reduce/eliminate extreme regulations, create a globally competitive tax system and watch the rebirth of America!

America Wake-Up!


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