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Research Articles

Steel Tariffs Are Driving US Economic Growth

November 08, 2019
By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist On October 25th, America’s largest steelmaker Nucor opened a new steel mill in Hickman, Arkansas.
Currency Misalignment

Making America Competitive Again, The Bipartisan Baldwin-Hawley Bill

November 07, 2019
By John R. Hansen, CPA Advisory Board  Executive Summary America's trade deficits, which are caused primarily by America's overvalued dollar, are eroding the American Dream of sustainably growing and equitably shared prosperity for all. By making American goods too expensive to compete with foreign goods in domestic and export markets,...

US September Trade Deficit Falls as US-China Deficit Continues to Shrink

November 05, 2019
By Steven L. Byers, PhD, CPA Senior Economist The US trade deficit in goods and services for September 2019 fell 4.7 percent or $2.6 billion, to $52.5 billion, as imports declined more than exports.
Tax Strategy

OECD Proposal Fails to Help Domestic US Manufacturers

October 09, 2019
Many in Washington look at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris to help with pressing business concerns in the global community. And recently, the OECD promised to tackle cumbersome issues related to international corporate taxation. Unfortunately, it appears that the OECD isn’t positioned to provide a...

US Trade Deficit with EU Triples in 10 Years

October 05, 2019
By Jeff Ferry and Steven Byers The US goods deficit with the European Union (EU) is on track to triple in a decade.

US Trade Deficit Increases Slightly in August

October 04, 2019
Overall trade deficit on track to exceed 2018 total, but China deficit narrowing By Steven L. Byers, PhD, CPA Senior Economist The US trade deficit in goods and services increased by 1.6 percent in August, to $54.9 billion, up $0.9 billion from $54.0 billion (revised) in July.
Tax Strategy

Top 3 Tax Proposals by Democratic Candidates...and How They Affect Domestic Companies

September 30, 2019
After an initial review of the various 2020 Democratic presidential contenders’ tax proposals, the CPA tax committee noted a lack of progress on corporate tax reform. Committee members subsequently voted on the remaining corporate tax proposals. By David Morse, Tax Policy Director

Apple Staying in Texas Due to US Tariff and Industrial Strategy

September 24, 2019
By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist On Sept. 23rd, Apple announced that its Mac Pro computer will continue to be manufactured in Texas, rather than China, Taiwan, or southeast Asia, as the company was previously planning. The Mac Pro is currently the only Apple product assembled in the United States....

US Trade Deficit Shrinks in July

September 04, 2019
Goods deficit with China declines 10% from last year By Steven L. Byers, PhD, CPA Senior Economist The US trade deficit in goods and services for July 2019 decreased by 2.7 percent, to $54.0 billion, down $0.2 billion from $55.5 billion (revised) in June. 

Why We Need Baldwin-Hawley Currency Reform Now

August 21, 2019
By Jeff Ferry, CPA Chief Economist In his recent article, How Not to Restore American Industry, commentator David P. Goldman criticizes the Baldwin-Hawley bill, also known as the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act, which was introduced into the Senate earlier this month.  The bill would provide the Federal...