July 27, 2016


House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that because of a handful of problems with the pact that the Obama administration has yet to fix, he doesn't expect a vote to come up this year.

[Megan Cassella July 27, 2016 |Politico

"I think the administration screwed up negotiating it," Ryan said at a luncheon in Milwaukee, according to excerpts made available by his office. "There are four or five issues that they messed up. ... I believe they negotiated these provisions to attract more Democrats at the expense of Republicans like myself, and they didn't get the additional Democrats and they just lost the Republicans like myself."

Ryan said he had spoken to both President Barack Obama and USTR Michael Froman about his and other Republicans' concerns. "They know what we think are the problems in this agreement and they've gotta go fix it, but I don't see that happening. I don't know if they're going to get that done, so I don't see the votes there for it," he said.


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