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  • Are Tariffs Reducing the National Debt and Federal Deficit?

    There is increasing evidence that Trump’s tariffs are working to expand American manufacturing and create jobs. Read more
  • Tell Congress: Stop Beijing's U.S. port takeover

    Summary note: The Coalition for a Prosperous America supports the legislation, referred to in this article, which would tighten incoming foreign investment restrictions. We are also very concerned about the takeover by Cosco Shipping, a Chinese company. If you owned a company, would you let your competitor monitor all your incoming and outgoing orders? In the 1970s, would the United States have allowed the Soviet Union to operate our ports? Would the Soviets have allowed the U.S. to run its docks? [Curtis Ellis | June 2, 2018 | WND] Read more
  • CPA's Issue Flyers

    Members of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) visited more than 100 House and Senate offices in the nation’s capital this week to sound an alarm: America’s massive, growing trade deficit is killing jobs, harming communities, and stifling economic growth. In a two-day blitz, CPA members left their mark on Capitol hill, urging Members to support legislation that would eliminate the nation’s trade deficit, address an overvalued dollar, provide stronger trade enforcement, and tackle troubling trade issues with China. Below are the flyers used. 1. Top 10 Trade Deficit Countries Read more
  • Curtis Ellis: NAFTA and Outsourcing Will Turbocharge the 2018 Midterm Elections for Anti-Establishment Candidates

    Outrage over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the outsourcing of American jobs fueled the populist uprising that swept Donald Trump to victory in 2016. [Curtis Ellis | October 22, 2017 | Breitbart] Read more
  • Trump’s trade warrior prowls the West Wing

    Peter Navarro, one of the White House’s top trade advisers, is widely viewed throughout the West Wing and Capitol Hill as a prickly personality with extreme policy ideas. [NANCY COOK and ANDREW RESTUCCIA | July 11, 2017 |Politico] Read more
  • Peter Navarro: A 'Bricklayer' Of Trump's Protectionist Wall

    National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro says the U.S. needs to unwind "bad" trade agreements and strike new ones that would prevent such practices. He says the administration is off to a good start. Emily Bogle/NPR Read more