Michele Nashhoff

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  • Tariffs are only one arrow in President Trump’s quiver. CPA’s proposed sales factor tax apportionment would stop multinational corporations from avoiding paying their fair share by having to pay taxes on the profits on the percentage of the U. S. sales compared to their worldwide sales. Reducing the value of U.S. currency and charging a Market Access Charge for for investments would also increase U.S. exports and thus increase the profits for domestic manufacturers for which they would be taxed.

  • CFIUS was used to stop Chinese investors from buying the Hotel Del Coronado because it shared the same island as the North Island Naval Air Station and the SEAL training center. It was used to stop Broadcom from purchasing Qualcomm. Chinese investors already own all of the major hotels and office buildings surrounding the port, so CIFIUS must be used to stop Cosco Shipping from buying a competitor to take over running the port of Long Beach.

  • This was my 6th year to participate in the CPA conference/fly-in, and it was the best one yet. I visited 15 Congressional offices in two and a half days, and everyone I met with seemed to realize that our increasing trade deficit is unsustainable. Our deficit with China jumped up from 38% to 47% in just one year ($337 billion to $375 billion). We had great interest in our proposals for a Sales Factor Tax apportionment and Market Access Charge for foreign investments. We conveyed the message that NAFTA needed to be “mended or ended.” We pointed out that the steel and aluminum tariffs are appropriate since we have already lost the majority of our major steel mills in the last 17 years. In answer to the question of whether this would cause a trade war, my response was that we have been in a trade war with China since they became part of the WTO, and they are winning.

  • As a board member for the American Jobs Alliance, chair of the California chapter of CPA, and author of Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity, I agree with Curtis re NAFTA and know that there are other trade agreements like KORUS that need to be renegotiated to benefit American companies. We need to “drain the swamp” of all elected and appointed officials that don’t put America First.

  • President Trump and Navarro realize that we are already in a trade war and our trading partners have been winning. Withdrawing from the TPP was critical to saving what is left of American manufacturing. Protecting our steel industry and either renegotiating NAFTA or withdrawing from it are the next important steps to take.

  • I read Navarro’s first book when I was writing my book, Can American Manufacturing be Saved? in 2008. Then I read his second book Death by China when it came out and watched the documentary. We both came to the same conclusion that offshoring manufacturing to China and other Asian countries resulted in the massive loss of manufacturing jobs endangering the continued existence of our middle class. Manufacturing jobs raised the lower working class into the middle class between 1900-1999, but since the year 2000 when China was granted PNTR, we ahve been going in reverse. We can’t continue to run an overall trade deficit of over $500 billion per year – we are transferring our wealth to China. If you add the trade deficit year by year since 1994, it comes to $11 trillion. We must rebuild American manufacturing to create jobs and prosperity. This why I am a CPA member and chair our California chapter.

ElectroFab Sales was founded by Michele Nash-Hoff in 1985 to provide marketing, sales and customer service to American manufacturers that perform custom fabrication services to make mechanical parts for products.