Sen. Brown Offers A Defense Of Clinton's Trade Positions, Positioning

May 17, 2016


Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton got some political help on trade over the weekend as Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) – who's on everyone's short list for vice presidential picks – defended his former Senate colleague on CNN.

[Daily News| May 17, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Brown – who, as the network notes, is a “strident opponent of free trade pacts,” and who represents a key swing state – has something in common with Donald Trump, CNN noted; they both are known to lament currency manipulation by countries like China and Mexico.

Brown was asked how he can tell Ohioans that Clinton, who once “supported President Obama's policies that many now blame for the predicament that they're in,” as the interviewer put it, is the best choice for president.

Clinton, he responded, is “going to look at a very different trade policy.” Brown, who said he has led the fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, noted Clinton's call for a “trade prosecutor,” said he expected a President Clinton to be “going after currency” and assured that she would “stand up strong on keeping China designated as a non market economy.”


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