Sen. Grassley wants to be aggressive on currency (sort of)


I missed this March 2015 CNBC interview with Sen. Chuck Grassley.

He stated, for the first time that I recall, that the US has been too cautious with China and other currency manipulators. However, he was too cautious himself in stating what remedial action should be taken.

Grassley did later support the Schumer, Brown, Sessions, et al bill which CPA supports that would provide a specific trade remedy for industries hurt by currency manipulation.  He also voted for the Portman-Stabenow amendment which would put stronger currency language in Fast Track.  That amendment ultimately failed to be included in Fast Track.

However, Grassley voted for the weak currency trojan horse amendment sponsored by Wyden and Hatch. It was a trojan horse because it pretended to be strong on currency in Fast Track but was not.  Further, Grassley voted for Fast Track itself.

So, Grassley's statement showed movement from prior years when he said little or nothing and his staff (based upon CPA's experience) was dismissive of the issue. But Grassley's voting record in the 2015 trade debate was mixed.

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