Sessions A Lone Voice On Trade During Convention's First Night

July 22, 2016


Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was the only speaker on the first night of the Republican Party convention to devote significant time to trade issues, striking a familiar chord in opposing what he calls “Obamatrade” and lamenting trade deficits with China and Korea.

[Daily News| July 19, 2016 |Inside US Trade

Sessions – whose trade stances are close to Donald Trump's – took the stage in Cleveland to speak mostly about immigration. But early in his remarks he took on Hillary Clinton on trade, calling her “the champion of globalist trade agreements” that “have not worked for the American people.”

“When those agreements were signed,” Sessions said, “President Clinton and Obama promised our dangerous trade deficits with China and Korea would be reduced. But the deficit with China has increased fivefold and the deficit with Korea has more than doubled in just four years.”

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