Shadrack McGill

  • Great article!

  • Yes, we were a growing country in the 60’s and 70’s, everything was growing, manufacturing, wealth, population, military, and even our workforce as our population grew. But then something changed, a key element was slowly being taken out of the equation. That key element is what we call Americans. America began killing its own like a sick dog in the 60’s and 70’s legalizing it in 73. I believe that the liberals saw quickly that this would become a problem as abortions skyrocketed to over a million a year by the late 70’s. This gave “birth” to the liberal’s idea of giving our dirty, noisy, loud manufacturing jobs to other countries to cover up the gap that killing our own would make. Up until now, the plan has worked. But principally speaking, “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right”. Now domestic manufacturing, America’s key to victory in WWII, is in a downward spiral and likely no one can save it without our nation’s true repentance, prayer and strong leadership. I believe some are repentant and praying for our nation and we at least have a strong President.