Success: Fast Track Delayed at Least Until April

March 03, 2015


Another win!  CPA members are in DC this week.  We learned that the Senate Finance Committee has delayed Fast Track at least until April!

That's a big - if temporary - victory!

The trade deficit in the chart above shows the massive failure of past trade deals.  The WTO, CAFTA, NAFTA, Korea FTA, etc.

Why would they want more? What are they thinking?

What we are thinking is that we need a new national trade strategy to achieve net exports.  To produce more in America.  To rebuild our food and goods supply chains.  To fight foreign mercantilism (strategically gaming the trade system). To preserve our sovereignty.

That's the track we are on.  CPA is punching above its weight in this fight.

We're not done yet... but CPA supporters' work is paying off. We're in league with many other folks on the right and the left who do great work. 

Thanks to all of you for doing your part.  Your donations.  Your calls.  Your emails.

It works.  We saw it today!


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