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Taxes and trade are closely related.  While the U.S. has one of the lowest overall tax burdens among OECD countries, our income tax rates are high and our mix of taxes hampers burdens American trade competitiveness.  Over 150 other countries have border adjustable consumption taxes (VATs or GSTs) averaging seventeen percent. They can tax imports at the seventeen percent rate and subsidize exports by rebating the tax without violating WTO rules.  These countries lowered tariffs and then replaced them with border taxes.  U.S companies’ exports are double taxed, paying our taxes and paying foreign taxes. To be trade competitive and grow our economy, we need to change our tax mix by drastically lowering corporate and individual income taxes and adding a consumption taxes while maintaining the same progressivity and overall tax revenue. CPA is working to increase U.S. trade competitiveness by changing our tax system to eliminate the two-way trade disadvantage caused by foreign consumption taxes.

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