Tomi Lahren on the warpath for country of origin labeling

February 27, 2017

Tomi’s “Final Thoughts” are based on her experience as a midwestern girl who grew up in a small state in a family and community of ranchers and farmers. Not as a political commentator, conservative or “that girl from facebook.” She remarks that people like her family are struggling to survive right now thanks to the big meat packers and lobbyists who are replacing our beef with foreign meat.

[Tomi Lahren | February 23, 2016 |The Blaze]

Tomi feels we should care where our food is coming from. She explains that four big meat packing companies control over 83 percent of the industry which keeps livestock prices low and sometimes forces smaller ranchers out of business. Tomi states that most of our meat is now coming from overseas, and Americans should be able to eat imported meat if they choose to, but concerned consumers should also be able to easily find out the origin of their food.

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