Top 100 Must-Follow Tax Twitter Accounts For 2020

January 02, 2020

Editor's Note: David Morse is the tax policy director for CPA and has once again made the top 100 list, coming in at #3 for Tax Writers, Bloggers & Gurus. His focus on ending the Tax code discrimination against US domestic companies continues to be a reason so many are paying attention to CPA's Tax message.

There was a lot of tax talk in 2019 - especially on social media. From Bitcoin to stretch IRAs to tax refunds, Twitter streams were filled with news, links, and best practices focused on tax.

[Kelly Phillips Erb | December 31, 2019 | Forbes]

Twitter is an easy way to find out what’s happening in the tax world - for tax professionals, taxpayers and tax geeks. You can join in with live twitter chats or simply look for hashtags like #IRS, #taxtwitter and #womenintax. Or, you can follow some of the folks who are most engaged in sharing tax news and information. To get started, check out the top 100 must-follow tax Twitter accounts for 2020:

Tax Writers, Bloggers & Gurus (Twitter list):

  1. @alexparkerDC - Alex Parker - Taxsplainer for @Law360. Fan of Purdue, Butler, Colts, Pacers, Indians & free thinkers. Views here are my own, or Batman's. Retweets are endorphins.
  2. @BillSheridan - Bill Sheridan - Cuba, NY, native. University at Buffalo alum. Adopted son of Baltimore and St. Louis. Not a CPA, but I play one on TV. EOS implementer, speaker, author, writer.
  3. @CentristinIdaho - David Morse - Tax Policy Director @cpa_tradereform; Total Geek. Forbes Top 100 #TaxTwitter to Follow 2019 and 2018. All opinions are my own. RT not endorsement
  4. @CPA_Trendlines - Rick Telberg - Live links to breaking news for tax, accounting and finance professionals. Upgrade to premium and start profiting today  
  5. @Darla_Mercado - Darla Mercado, CFP - Reporter, @CNBC's personal finance team. Mom. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Triathlete. A regular shmegular degular girl from The Bronx. 
  6. @dashching - Chye-Ching Huang - Tax, budget, economy, law, policy. US & NZ. Director Federal Fiscal Policy @CenteronBudget. Tweets not about US fiscal policy aren't for CBPP.
  7. @jberryjohnson - Janet Berry-Johnson - I'm Janet Berry-Johnson. Freelance writer and CPA. Contributor at Forbes, Credit Karma, FreshBooks, Magnify Money, Accounting Principals & more.
  8. @JoeTaxpayerBlog - Joe Taxpayer - Father, Husband, Puppy Person, Friend, Financial Blogger, in that order, mostly. Likes are good, ReTweets are Great!
  9. @LenBurman - Len Burman - Father, grandfather, @taxpolicycentercofounder, Syracuse University prof. For fun, I cycle, cook, and sing. Retweets≠endorsement.
  10. @M_SullivanTax - Martin Sullivan - Chief Economist, Tax Analysts. Former Treasury, JCT staff. Grateful for bio by Steven Pearlstein.
  11. @ManasaSogNadig - Manasa Sogal Nadig - Enrolled Agent&Chief at MNTaxBiz;Tax Geek & Blogger at ;Mom&Wife @ Chez Nadig;Forbes Top 100 #TaxTwitter Accounts 2018 & 2019
  12. @MariaKoklanaris - Maria Koklanaris - Senior tax correspondent @Law360. Steelers fanatic. Proud Penn Stater. Tweets mine only. RTs not endorsements #Ijustmetagirlnamed #Howdoyousolveaproblemlike
  13. @njagoda - Naomi Jagoda - Tax reporter @thehill. @Penn alum. N.Y. native. My last name is pronounced like Pagoda with a J.
  14. @NKaeding - Nicole Kaeding - Vice President of Policy Promotion & Economist @NTUF. Mom. Wife. Federal and state fiscal policy wonk. Views expressed are my own.
  15. @RenuZ - Renu Zaretsky (Tax Hound) - #TaxHound and #DailyDeductionwriter @TaxPolicyCenter. Indian-American wife, parent to 2 kids, 1 Scottish Deerhound. Views mine alone, RTs not endorsements
  16. @RichardRubinDC - Richard Rubin - I cover U.S. tax policy for the @WSJ. There is ALWAYS a tax angle. Retweets are not endorsements or tax advice.
  17. @Saunderswsj - Laura Saunders - I write about taxes for The Wall Street Journal
  18. @SoongJohnston - Stephanie Johnston - Chief correspondent, @TaxNotesToday International, ex-fashion editor, @MedillSchool MSJ06. stephanie.johnston@taxnotes.org RTs≠endorsements
  19. @TaxAddict - Tracy Shannon Levey - All Things #Tax, #Accounting & #Finance. Forbes Top 100 #Tax Twitter to Follow 2019. Co-Founder Parker Tax Publishing. Opinions are my own.
  20. @TaxMama - TaxMama® - Award winning author - Top 100 accountant and tax blog - dean of TaxMama's® #EnrolledAgent (EA) Time for Self-Study! 
  21. @taxmOuth - Free Tax Help - Tax help, answers, tips and news from federal and state tax officials, gurus, experts & authors for CPAs, tax attorneys and other tax pros. #taxes #tax #IRS
  22. @taxtweet - Kay Bell - Native Texan. #Tax blogger. Journalist. @Astros & @Cowboys fan. Birder. Wife. Order subject to change. Tax scoop at Don't Mess With Taxes

To subscribe to all of the accounts in a category, click on the Twitter list link following the category head. Note that the category heads are for convenience - in practice, some folks could fall in more than one category. To subscribe to all 100 Twitter accounts on the list, click here.

Keep in mind that this list is subjective. There's no fancy algorithm or poll. I don't count tweets or followers, though I do take into consideration type and timeliness of tweets, as well as engagement. I also target feeds with a clear focus on tax as opposed to finance or economics. The goal is to present a wide range of tax professionals from different parts of the world, offering different perspectives (I’ve even included Cowboys fans).

Each year, I receive emails critiquing and questioning the list. I do take suggestions and the list is constantly changing. And this year, it changed a lot - which is a good thing. If you’ve been on lists in prior years but aren’t on this year, don’t take it personally. This year was extremely tough, since there’s a lot of great information being shared.

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