TPP support could be a factor in race to lead the DNC

December 19, 2016


[Daily News| December 19, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Trade could play a part in the battle over who will lead the Democratic National Committee after Hillary Clinton's loss, with Labor Secretary Tom Perez – a staunch Trans-Pacific Partnership supporter – squaring off against Rep. Keith Ellison (MI).

“Unlike some of the other candidates running for chair, Keith knew from day one that TPP was a disaster for working families, and he helped us defeat the TPP,” Sanders said, according to The Hill.

In 2015, during the debate over fast-track authority, Perez called deals like TPP “critical to our 21st-century competitiveness. With the help of Trade Promotion Authority, we can use these agreements to raise labor standards and improve working conditions around the world while ensuring a level playing field for our workers back home.”

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