Trade and Tariffs

Position statement:
CPA supports a domestic industrial strategy, including trade and tariff policy, that restores a broad array of industrial supply chains to the United States.

Strategy Summary:
America has become weaker and poorer in recent decades by pursuing trade agreements and policies that encourage economic deindustrialization. Millions of good paying jobs, thousands of manufacturing firms, and scores of industries have been lost. Our country has shifted too far towards the service sector which too often consists of low wage, low hour jobs, generates too little productivity, and exacerbates income insecurity. China and other trade competitor countries have outperformed us in the quantity and quality of industries and employment which give rise to prosperity and national strength.

CPA supports trade policies that support, rather than cripple, a national strategy to rebuild our economy into a wealth producing engine that generates broadly shared prosperity. We support increasing tariffs to address trade cheating, achieve reciprocal market access and to protect the industries important to our economy. CPA believes it is crucial to achieve balanced trade to ced future growth.

Issue Experts

Michael Stumo

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Ferry

Chief Economist