Treasury Sec's solution on selling TPP - Cheer louder

September 01, 2016

by Michael Stumo

National Public Radio interviewed Treasury Secretary Jack Lew revealing that he has zero understanding of voters concerns on TPP.

When questioned about the massive voter rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Lew was basically dismissive.

"Look, what I believe is that there's a lot of anxiety and anger amongst working people around the world."

So there is anxiety and anger, but do American citizens have a point? Apparently not.

"I think that the benefits of market access for American workers are clear."

Well, um, should Lew and the administration make any changes? Yes, cheer louder.

"I think what we need to be more clear at is how the benefits of trade agreements get to workers, how workers are equipped with the training they need to have the jobs in the new economy, how companies share the benefits of growth with workers. We have to make a stronger case, a better case, but the substance, the facts are clear."

Jack Lew's worldview simply is different than yours or mine. He has a tin ear. He grew up in New York City, graduated from Harvard, received a law degree from Georgetown, and has worked in Washington DC ever since.

He does not drive by this scene in Dayton Ohio.


Or this welcome sign in Detroit.


Or this street in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Instead, he works here.


So Lew's solution to do keep saying and doing the same thing, including passing dumb trade deals, doesn't ring true to the 70% of American workers without a four year college degree.

Those workers don't really have a point, they just have anxiety and anger.  The G20 finance ministers have always had the solutions.

"I think that is a message to global financial policymakers that what we've been saying for a long time has to become central."

Their medicine didn't work, it caused problems, so take more medicine. Listen to the doctor.

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