Trump, citing other countries' practices, says he backs a 'form of tax on the border'

February 27, 2017

President Trump said this week he supports “a form of tax on the border because everybody else does.”

[Daily News| February 24, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

In an interview with Reuters, Trump was asked about a border adjustability tax proposal being pushed by House GOP leaders despite the objections of retailers and strong skepticism among key senators. The president said he thought it “could lead to a lot more jobs in the United States,” and added that “I certainly support a form of tax on the border because everybody else does.”

“We’re the only country, we’re one of the very few countries, possibly the only country, that has no border tax,” he said, according to Reuters.

Reuters' interview highlights suggest that Trump then segued from the border adjustability idea to his oft-stated threats to impose a border tax. “And that’s not a tax to the consumer, because that’s going to be a tax to companies and it’s going to be a tax to other countries much more so than it is to the consumer. That’s a tax to other countries,” he said.

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