Brad Johnson

  • So what is holding up the bipartisan legislation that was introduced over a year ago?

  • Trump will continue to fight for an even playing field. Biden would capitulate to whatever the rest f the world wants us to do.

  • James Bertolone. I agree that this discussion is over as I have a job to go to in the morning. There is no doubt that capitalism was a God-send to the people of Chile and China. It has been great to see their people being lifted out of poverty. However, the US has given away too much over the past 50 years and it is time to to make trade for for US citizens fair and that is what Trump’s trade policy is all about. Also, the Chinese could be a serious threat in ways other than economically. He has promised to keep Social Security and Trump works to keep his campaign promises. He has also repeatedly said that he will not touch pre-existing conditions either. The only place that you have heard that he has is from the fear-mongers campaigning against him. Getting rid of the FICA tax is not the same as getting rid of Social Security as there has not been a Social Security lockbox in decades.

  • I think that Mark Sanguinetti is spreading fake news. The Roman Empire mainly fell because of corrupt politicians and rulers… they needed to “drain the swamp”. Their citizens were taxed heavily, with some actually taxed to death. They failed to use the taxes to maintain the strength of their army, were subsequently invaded, and Rome fell.