Dr. Thomas

  • Fine for our businesses….but what will the tariff monies be used for here ?

  • This and other good moves to MAGA must be done soon !

  • Yes, American jobs first ! Foreign materials and labor must come after domestic employment and goods sales figures for America improve to boost the GNP and jobs outlooks for us all. I may have an idea that could also help a bit more…that of “indexed tariffs”, not just blind “Smoot-Hawley” style tariffs that were a disaster (for other reasons than this time around). They would be based on pollution of the world by the exporting nation and their abuses of work force, including low, unlivable pay and poor workplace conditions, including what amounts to slavery…an impossible labor condition for the world to support in any way IMO. Ross Perot’s “race to the bottom” must be avoided lest America be lost to a “3rd world” status that Obama promised to bring about such that America would be little more than “just another (3rd world) country”.

  • Yes, I’ve had real contact with such problems, just between Canada and the US years ago…just for a trade show in Toronto, where the “agent” presented an ever increasing “blizzard pile” of papers and the price of documenting my wares for “show only” (no sales) kept climbing, until I hit on a big one, telling them that one set was to be donated to the trade fair host…the price immediately froze (about $400) and the freebie went tax free with just one document….never again; he was way too “practiced at the art” for my taste and often, if not abusive, then quite too “thorough” in his deliberations as to the sometimes seemingly improper/impertinent suggestions/questions he came up with IMO……THIS, which YOU address must be even much more so troubling and complicated of course and I’m glad somebody is doing something to help save the country at a minimum ! I also wonder about the so-called “Ex-Im” bank and the fact that, of course provides jobs for American workers, as with Boeing aircraft, etal., but the American public is on the hook for the unpaid loans for these items if the foreign “partner” fails to pay off the debt ! …I’m not sure what the remedy might entail, but reclamation/forclosure with forfeiture would be my suggestion…at a minimum, besides such being put on lists for future reference as to being unable to repeat such abuses of American tax payers… then there’s FOREX…but that’s a biggy and the fed and MIC and big pharma and unfair taxes as always… tnx for being there !